Dana DeSutter

“Thank you so much for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to visit the favela. At first I was a little nervous and skeptical about the visit.  I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had read a little about Rio favelas in high school, and I had heard there was much violence. This kind of scared me. When we actually got there, though, my opinions changed and my fear subsided. My favorite part was seeing the children play music and say the English phrases. I have a passion for playing music and think speaking multiple languages is awesome.  This is the point when I realized that the favela is just a community trying to make ends meet like people everywhere.  The kids want to learn and do good things.  I saw a lot of kindness and understanding while there.  It really opened my eyes when I was able to see the favela differently than I would have without going there.  I hope to be able to help out through the program we James Scholars are trying to start.  It was an incredible experience!”

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